Easy to learn yet challenging to master, WhipCrack lets you assume control of a space-age whip as you crack through swarms of deadly enemies.  Solve puzzles, earn upgrades, and fling your master across the screen while battling across 19 devious single-player missions.  Innovative multiplayer missions let you compete locally with up to 4 players.


#1 on IGN.com Top Picks list in October, 2009

Best Of Indie Games: Addicted to WhipCrack


XBL Indie Game Pick: WhipCrack

"If you're a little dubious about the Xbox Live Indie Games collection, this may well change your mind. WhipCrack is a great twist on the shooter genre"

"The professional dialogue will make you feel as though you're playing a $60 game at less than a tenth of the cost. Do give it a whip, your master will be very pleased."

"Whipcrack definitely makes for a good party game"
"The game has plenty of substance to keep you playing for a long time."

"It's absolutely a superb effort."